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Erojan as an energy guardian made especially for men. Our newly product is enriched with various natural herbs to enhance men’s overall general health such as Tongkat ali, Maca, Butea Superba, Cuscuta Chinensis, Tribulus Terrestris, and Horny Goat Weed.


Become your
strongest self

With EROJAN, achieving impossible is now possible


Support Overall Men's Health

Restores hormonal balance in testosterone level, both serum and quality naturally.

Boost Energy, Stamina & Endurance

Boosts energy production with anti-fatigue and speed recovery effects for enhanced physical abilities.

Enhance Lasting Sexual Performance

Increases libido, enhances sperm quality, motility, count, and overall sexual function.

Improve Cognitive Health

Enhances cognitive function, brainpower, to reduce emotional strain for life satisfaction.

Optimises Men's Related Health Risk

Decreases the risk of men's metabolic dysfunction, rejuvenate a better homeostasis within men's intimate health.

Increase Muscle Mass & Strength

Improves healthy metabolism to maximize muscle mass and fat loss.

Adult: take 2 capsules once daily after meal.

1) Tongkat Ali (Radix Eurycoma Longifolia)
– Elevate testosterone levels and improve male fertility
– Nutrient rich to strengthen muscle and strength
– Lowers stress hormone while improving mood and preventing anxiety.

2) Butes Superba
– Increase bone strength and bone mineral density
– Phytonutrients and flavonoids rich that benefits cardiovascular system
– Enhances men’s overall health and fight fatigue 

3) Maca (Radix Lepidium Meyenii)
– Aid in optimizing male fertility by increasing semen quality
– Boost energy and sports performance for longer pace
– Increase muscle gain and strength

4) Tribulus Terrestris
– Saponin Rich that aid in coronary artery dilation and better coronary circulation
– Increases testosterone level

5) Horny Goat Weed (Folium Epimedium Bevicornum)
– Contain icariin which helps to protect nerve
– Increase blood flow
– Fights fatigue and stamina improvement

6) Cuscuta Chinensis
– Traditionally used for liver wellbeing
– Reduces hepato-oxidative stress and reduces hepatotoxicity
– Help in raising superoxide dismutase (SOD), gluthathione peroxidase and catalase that prevent liver damage

Each 343.4mg Capsules Contains:
Product Ingredients Dosage
Tongkat Ali (Radix Eurycoma Longifolia) 70mg
Butes Superba 60mg
Maca (Radix Lepidium Meyenii) 60mg
Tribulus Terrestris 60mg
Horny Goat Weed (Folium Epimedium Bevicornum) 60mg
Cuscuta Chinensis 30mg

This is a traditional medicine, please consult your healthcare provider before taking the product
– National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency Malaysia (NPRA) Registered
– Halal Certified
– Erectile Dysfunction Drug Free
– Preservatives Free
– Heavy Metal Free
– Harmful Microbes Free

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Registration Number: MAL19056078T

Erojan has an authentic QR code that allows clients to track the source of the product and the original product has liability insurance.

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EROJAN is formulated to optimize men’s hormone levels for a healthier reproductive system and stronger body function while preventing metabolic risk.



Low testosterone translate to low muscle mass and less energy expenditure.

Low testosterone increases anxiety which switches off sex drive.

Low testosterone indirectly causes estrogen increase led to enlarged breast.

Low testosterone can’t maintain muscle fiber, causes wasting.

Low testosterone equals to low muscle mass, hence metabolism decreases.

Low testosterone led to weight gain induced hormonal dysregulation, hence hair loss.

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